Embark on an Adventure to Experience the Rich Nature, Ancient History, and Traditions of Okinawa

Uncover Okinawa's charms with a journey to Daisekirinzan that pulls at your heart and engages your senses

Audio Guide

Discover the wonders of Daisekirinzan as you walk and listen! Experience the story of history and nature through our multilingual audio guide

Explore an ancient forest with unique rock formations!

Discover traces of coral reefs from 250 million years ago and stroll amidst strangely shaped limestone formations and gigantic boulders for a journey through time!

Experience the mystery of Okinawa!

In Okinawa, you'll find countless enigmatic sacred sites known as "Uganju." Explore the bond between ancient beliefs and nature at these sites!

Spectacular natural landscapes!

A place packed with Okinawa's natural splendor, featuring the stunning Gajumaru tree and the vast expanse of cycads. Delve into the backstory through a multilingual audio guide!

Spiritual Tours

In Okinawa, you'll find Yambaru's pristine nature, providing a chance for self-reflection amidst touching and healing experiences. You may find yourself with newfound awareness.

Experience whispers of the divine in Yambaru Forest

The expansive forests of Yambaru National Park and the World Natural Heritage Site are revered as sacred entities within Okinawan traditions of nature reverence. To the local people, nature transcends mere landscape; it embodies a living entity with divine voice and power. Visit Ashimui's sacred land to connect with this sanctified nature and cleanse your soul.

Meditation and exploration in mystical and sacred places

Mountains and gigantic boulders aren't just natural formations; each carries a rich history entwined with human lives and beliefs. As you explore these sacred sites, you'll encounter the profound bond between humans and nature through meditation.

Climb the sacred peak and discover the sacred miracle water of the royal family

Take a journey to the sacred peak, where the mystique of "Utaki," an ancient Ryukyu Kingdom* sacred site, will captivate you. Next, visit the sacred spring, a place where the royal family prayed for longevity and health. Drawing this pure water with your hands transforms into a moment that intertwines the past and present, nature and humanity, contributing to the tapestry of history.
*Ryukyu Kingdom: An ancient kingdom that ruled over Okinawa and its surrounding areas. As an independent nation, it was governed by a king who established a unique culture and trade network.
*Utaki: A sacred site used for rituals and ceremonies

A heartwarming tea time in a old folk house

The tea and snacks served in the old folk house are carefully crafted, and they kindly explain the background and origins of each item. Enjoying these delights nurtures a profound connection with the local area.



Facility Name:Daisekirinzan
Address:1241 Ginama, Kunigami-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture, 905-1422
120 minutes drive from Naha
MAPCODE: 728 675 895*56